Ingredients. Razvitie, LLC is a fast-growth company manufacturing soy products (textured soy protein, soy blends) and supplying a wide range of food and feed ingredients both Russian and foreign origin. We purchase several dozens of food ingredients. Our technologists and Purchase department are constantly willing to improve, expand and update our product range, therefore we are open to new cooperation offers from reliable suppliers.

When choosing a supplier we rely on the following principles:

  • Licensed production / The production is certified in accordance with international standards;
  • Quality of raw material;
  • Quality of the product;
  • The price of the product;
  • Supplier reliability;
  • Interest in collaboration;
  • Information and technical support;
  • Interest in long-term cooperation;
  • Required certification of the products.

Main conditions of cooperation with suppliers:

  • Conclusion of a contract;
  • Confirmation of required quality, labeling, packaging and transportation of the goods with the supplier;
  • Signing applications to the contract regarding each shipment of goods;
  • Guaranteed payment to the supplier in accordance with contract conditions;
  • Providing all necessary shipment documents in time;
  • Access to any information about the product, possibility of getting professional consultation.

Regarding cooperation please call: +7 (812) 320-83-60, ext. 207 (Procurement department) or email us at:,