The main activity of our company is manufacturing of soy products: textured soy protein, textured soy protein concentrate “Opttema” and soy protein blends “Emulgofix”. Our production as well as our office is situated on Kanonerskiy island in Saint-Petersburg - in a district of active commercial activity, next to the Baltic customs and the sea port.

Our production and storage premises occupy an area of more than 3500 m2. The production line is fitted out with modern equipment produced by Swiss company Buhler which is the global leader in technologies development and manufacturing of equipment for grain and food products processing as well as manufacturing of high quality materials. Capacity of our twin-screw extruder Buhler is 1,5 mt per hour. The extruder was launched in 2008.

Besides, our production line is equipped with extruder by American company Wenger that started its history since 1935 and gained a reputation of a liable long-term partner and a supplier of stable quality equipment. Our equipment is maintained by 23 professional employees.

Our production line works 24 hours a day. Thanks to our modern high-quality equipment we manufacture approximately 10 000 metric tons of textured soy protein a year.

Our employees responsible for production and our purchase department regularly visit Russian and international exhibitions as well as foreign production lines to upgrade their professional skills in food ingredients, innovations, usage of new raw materials, and also to develop stable and liable relations with foreign and Russian suppliers. Our specialists have visited producers of TSP in order to exchange experience in extrusion field. TSP produced by our company captured the interest and was highly evaluated by our foreign clients.

The whole production chain, from raw materials supplies to packing and storage of the ready products, is according to regulatory requirements. We guarantee to our clients that all raw materials that are used for our production have all necessary documents confirming the absence of GMO. Quality control department strictly controls observation of all standards and requirements to the production ensuring its stable quality. You can get more details about Quality control department work in section Quality control.

TSP “Opttema” are used in food industry (meat industry, cereal-based snacks, ready meals, sport nutrition) and feed industry. They imitate the structure of meat in different ready meals and semi-finished products, providing full (nutrition and appearance wise) replacement of meat raw material with neutral smell. High hydration (not less than 1:3) allows to reduce costs as a result of replacement (from 15 to 40%) of meat raw material.

Soy protein blends “Emulgofix” are used in food industry for production of different types of sausages (cooked, semi-cooked, semi-smoked, etc.), canned products with minced meat, pastes, semi-finished products. They help to significantly enhance the quality of the ready product as a result of their high water-binding and fat-emulsifying capacities.

Our company’s first target is client’s needs so we are ready to offer you co-operation on individual orders.

You can get more details about our products in Products catalogue section.