Ingredients. Razvitie, LLC presents a new Russian supplier of high-quality ingredients and recommends potato flakes EcoFrio.

Potato flakes EcoFrio are manufactured from fresh potato grown in friendly climate conditions.

Modern technologies of potato flakes production ensure the high quality of the product. Potato flakes are made of peeled, washed, cut, heat-treated and mixed with additives, drum-dried raw potatoes.

Potato flakes are used in different areas of food industry:

  • For instant food preparation (mashed potato in packets, plastic cups, also for instant soups and sauces as a natural thickener);
  • Potato flakes in dry and frozen semi-finished products give consistent quality and independence from season and potato supply and preserve the products properties after freezing and defrosting;
  • Usage of potato flakes in bakery and confectionery industries give peculiar taste and increase shelf life. Bread with potato flakes is fluffier and easier to cut; flakes help to decrease bread crumbing and give nice taste without staleness tint;
  • Meat industry: adding of 3-4% of potato flakes improves water absorption and prevents fat of coming out during storage.

Ready products keep the properties of natural potato, don’t contain GMO and suit great for healthy life concept.

The products have been already presented abroad. Ingredients. Razvitie, LLC is the export agent of EcoFrio company and it actively promotes the flakes to foreign markets.

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