A high-demanded product – wheat gluten food grade by Cargill - has been added to our range again. After the temporary stoppage from November 2015 to June 2016 Cargill restarted the production. All safety parameters are according to Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011.

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Functional properties of gluten are high absorbing capacity, stable flexible structure forming and thermal stability. Gluten is irreplaceable ingredient for bakery and flour-milling industry. It is used to produce flour with desired properties as well as to make baked goods.

In meat industry gluten is used as functional ingredient that enhances density and improves structure of the ready products.

Wheat gluten is a special product because the gluten network formed during dough shaping that holds starch granules in uncooked products, not only is not dissolved, when it is boiled, but also stabilized as a result of gluten denaturation.

Ingredients. Razvitie, LLC has formed a complex offer regarding supplies of ingredients in these high-priority areas of food industry. High quality of our gluten and continuous supplies of ingredients are a guarantee of high quality of your products and your customers satisfaction.

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