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Potato flakes

Potato flakes


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Description of the product

Potato flakes are made from fresh potato grown in friendly climate conditions. Modern technologies of potato flakes production ensure the high quality of the product. Potato flakes are made of peeled, washed, cut, heat-treated and mixed with additives, drum-dried raw potatoes.

Ready products keep the properties of natural potato, don’t contain GMO and suit great for healthy nutrition concept.

Potato flakes have become an ideal solution for army and fleet because of long shelf life.

Main advantages

  • Production costs reduction, cost-effectiveness increasing, production wastes reduction;
  • Continuous blending with water is not needed, the flakes can be easily restored with cold water;
  • High water-absorption capacity, no special equipment required;
  • Faster preparation of potato puree and ready products;
  • Independence from season and fresh potato stocks;
  • Stable quality, better appearance and taste of ready products, long shelf life.

Manufacturer and country of origin

EcoFrip, LLC, Russia.

Technical conditions 9166-001-68453842-15.


3 layers paper bags with PE inner bag 17-25 kg.

Storage conditions

Shelf life 18 months from the date of production.

Store in original packing in clean and dry place without foreign smells, at the temperature of 20ºС and humidity not more than 75%.




Potato flakes are used in different areas of food industry:

  • Instant food (potato puree in packets, plastic cups, as well as soups and sauces);
  • Frozen semi-finished products (potato dumpling, potato patties, etc.). Potato flakes can be added to dough as well as used as base for stuffing. The main advantage is that the products keep their properties during freezing and defrosting;
  • Dried semi-finished products (dry mixes for preparation of potato cakes, potato pancakes etc.);
  • Bakery and pastry products (pancakes with potato stuffing, pies, rolls, rye and wheat bread). Bread with potato flakes is fluffier and easier to cut; flakes help to decrease bread crumbing and give nice taste without staleness tint;
  • For pellets, chips, snacks;
  • Meat products: adding of 3-4% of potato flakes improves water absorption and prevents fat of coming out during storage. Potato flakes are used as an additive in production of pastes and meat preserves;
  • Instead of breadcrumbs (for fish, meat, etc.);
  • Trimming (potato puree). 7 kg of potato puree can be made from 1 kg of potato flakes. It is necessary to mix 1 kg of potato flakes and 6 l of water, leave for several minutes, then to mix and add salt and additives according to taste. Widely used in foodservice facilities.


Quality specification

Parameter Specification
Organoleptic properties
Texture of the ready products puree, not sticky
Taste and odor typical for dehydrated potato, no foreign taste or smell
Colour from white with yellowish tint to different tints of yellow, according to type of potato
Ingredients: fresh potato, mono-diglycerides Е471, sodium pyrophosphate Е450i, citric acid Е330, ascorbil palmitate Е304, sodium pyrosulfite Е223, turmeric Е100.
Physico-chemical properties
Moisture, %, max 10
Water absorption min 1:6, max 1:9,5
Bulk density, g/l min 200, max 550 (200, 320-360)
Nutritional value per 100 g protein – 7,0 g, fat – 0,5 g, carbohydrates – 73,0 g
Energy value per 100 g 325 kcal/1359 kJ
Micro-biological and Safety parameters
Microbiological characteristics, toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides content are in compliance with Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011 “On food products safety”