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Textured soy protein OPTTEMA C-200 Brown


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Description of the product

A textured soy protein “Opttema” is a product of the extrusion process which has a porous structure that allows to bind and to retain a large volume of liquids. TSP “Opttema” recreates the texture of the nutrition products such as meat, fish, mushroom depending on a gamma of flavor and aromatic additives; it can be used as a partial replacement of raw meat (from 15% till 40%), as well as a separate dish.

Main advantages

The main effects achieved in food industry using protein products made from soybeans are as follows:

  • nutritious and biological value enhancement;
  • high cost-effectiveness because of reduction of production cost and process losses.

Soy protein is often undeservedly criticized for adding bad taste and texture. This problem may be caused by incorrect usage or too strong concentration of soy protein. When the soy protein is used correctly, it is unlikely to have negative effect on taste and texture of the product.

In fact, soy proteins usually enrich the product.


15 – 30% (hydrated form) – M and F types of TSP «Opttema».

25 – 40% (hydrated form) – S type of TSP «Opttema».

Manufacturer and country of origin

«Ingredients.Razvitie» LLC, Russia.

Regulatory document: ТУ 9146-009-58897992-06.


The product is packed (depending on type of TSP) in paper multi-layer bags 10, 12, 15, 18 or 20 kg or in polymeric bags (big-bags) 500 kg.

On client’s request the bags can be palletized for the maximum protect.

Storage conditions

Shelf life is 12 months since production date.

Store in clean and well-ventilated place, without grain-products pests and away from sun beam, temperature 20˚С maximum and humidity 75% maximum. To avoid an ingress of moisture on the product.




The Hydrated Protein “Opttema” replaces the high quality raw materials (meat of the highest grade and first grade) as well as the low quality raw materials (trimmings meat, fat, purtenance). The “Opttema” is used in production of:

  • groundmeat semi-prepared product (cutlets, ballotines, meatballs, farcemeat and etc);
  • meat semi-prepared product into dough (ravioli, dumplings and etc);
  • canned milled meat;
  • meat and vegetable canned food (cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, porridge with meat and etc);
  • sausage product (semi-smoked sausage, cooked smoked sausage, cooked sausage);
  • TSP “Opttema” is also used as a separate dish, steak and etc in home cooking.


Quality characteristics

Characteristic Value
Organoleptic parameters
Granulation, appearance Different types of granulation (on client’s request), the product has a porous structure
Taste and odor Typical for this product, free of foreign taste and odor
Colour different (on client’s request): cream (basic), brown (В), red (R) and etc
Physical and chemical parameters
Moisture, %, maximum 10,0
Protein, %, minimum 48,0 (for all kinds of TSP, except S-300) 63,0 (for S-300)
Fat, %, maximum 1,0
Nutritional content in 100 g proteins – 48 g, (63 g – for S-300), fats – 1 g, carbohydrates - 30 g
Caloric content in 100 g 321,0 kkal/1365 kJ (for all kinds of TSP, except S-300) 381,0 kkal/1620kJ (for S-300)
Safety parameters
Microbiological characteristics, toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides content are in compliance with Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011 “On food products safety”
This product is produced from Non-GMO raw materials!

Specification of granulation (forms and sizes) and hydration

Product type Granulation (form) Particle size, mm Particle size content in total product weight, minimum, % Hydration (moisture-binding capacity), TSP:water (minimum)
М-03 Granule (Minced meat) from 2 to 5 70 1:3
М-04 from 3 to 6
S-300 (concentrate) from 2 to 5
F-03 Flakes from 2 to 5 1:3
F-02 Fains from 0 to 0,5 1:3
С-100 Chunks 6-15 not rated
С-200 10-25
C-200+ 20-30