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Protein soy blend «Emulgofix 25»

Protein soy blend «Emulgofix 25»


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Product description

Protein soy mix “Emulgofix” is texture sealant produced from plant origin protein, used to increase density and to improve structure values of final products. It is used in producing both emulsified and coarsely cut meat products: sausages (cooked, smoked-cooked, half-smoked), preserved foods with chopped meat, semi-finished products (meat dumplings, meatballs, hamburgers, pancakes with meat filling) and others.

Recommended application rate: 1-3% (dry basis).

ManufActurer and country of origin

«Ingredients.Razvitie» LLC, Russia.

Regulatory document: ТУ 9146-002-58897992-06.


Paper multi-layer bags 25 kg.

Storage conditions

Shelf life is 8 months since date of production.

Store in clean and well-ventilated place, without grain-products pests and away from sun beam, temperature 20˚С maximum and humidity 75% maximum.





Quality features

Features Value
Organoleptic properties
Appearance Powder
Colour Light cream-coloured
Smell and taste Specific for this type of product, no other foreign smell and tastes
Content: wheat gluten, soy powder
Physical and Chemical properties
Moisture, % 10,0 max
Protein, % 65,0 min
Fat, % 5,0 max
Nutrition facts per 100 g protein - 65 g, fat - 5 g, carbohydrates - 17,5 g
Energy value per 100 g 375 kcal
Microbiological and safety properties
Content of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pestisides is in accordance to Sanitary regulations and standards.
Made from GMO – free ingredients