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Wheat starch

Wheat starch

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Description of the product

Wheat starch is made from wheat seeds by soaking of milled seeds with further drying of the final product.

Manufacturer and country of origin

CJSC “Premix factory №1”, Russia.

Company standard 9187-71461874-001-2013.


Paper bags with PE inner bags, net weight 25 kg.

Storage conditions

Shelf life is 2 years from the date of production.

Store in a dry, well ventilated place without foreign smell, not contaminated with pests, with relative humidity less than 75%.




  • Bakery and confectionary industries – for production of cakes, cookies, pies, confectionary blends, gelly products, biscuits, flakes. It improves softness, porosity, quality of meal, consistency, slows down hardening;
  • Pasta industry – as a thickener;
  • Meat industry – as a binding agent in sausages, preserved meat, etc;
  • Fish products – crab sticks;
  • Spreads, canned food, spices blends – as a biding agent;
  • Dairy industry – creams, puddings;
  • Paper manufacturing – used as a binding agent in manufacturing of paper and carton;
  • Construction – used for production of glue;
  • Textile industry – used for production of warp size for technical fabrics, for proofing, for making thickeners;
  • Chemical industry – productions of paints and pigments.


Quality specification

Parameter Specification
Organoleptic parameters
Appearance powder
Colour white, yellowish and grayish tint is allowed
Odor typical for wheat starch, no foreign smell
Physico-chemical parameters
Moisture, %, ≤ 14,0
Protein (N*5,7) on dry basis, %, ≤ 5,5
Starch content on dry basis, %, ≥ 84,9
Ash on dry basis, %, ≤ 1,5
Microbiological and safety parameters
Microbiological parameters, toxic elements content, mycotoxins, pesticides are in accordance with Technical Regulation of Customs Union 021/2011 «On food products safety»
Non-GMO product